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What is all included in the $25 Per Attendee Flowers package?

You will choose 1 of the activities below:

       • Flower Arrangement


       • Floral Bracelet and Ring 



1.      We will provide party favors including 1 latex balloon per child (birthday host gets a Mylar balloon), & a birthstone ring.

2.      We will give your party a tour of the flower shop and explain how a flower shop works.  We will then provide step by step instructions on how to create the flower piece of your choice.

3.      Plates, napkins, forks & cups will be provided; however you will be responsible for providing drinks, snacks & dessert. 

4.      Invitations with our information can be provided upon request at $1 per invitation.  All you need to do is fill in the date and time.



How many children can the shop accommodate?

There is a 5 child minimum, and a 10 child maximum.


Is there an age restriction?

We ask that because of the tools used in creating floral arrangements that your child is at a 1st  grade level or older.


What days and times can I book a party?


Since Alfa Flower & Wedding Shop is a very busy flower shop, we can only offer parties after our business hours.

Fridays at 5:45 PM

   Saturdays at 4:15PM

       Sundays by appointment


Parties book for 2 hours. Additional time can be book at $40 per hour.


How do I book a party?

You can call or email Katie at (414) 475-7080 or

From there, she will answer any other questions you may have, and send you a birthday party planning form to fill out and email/fax/drop off with all attendees' names and parental's contact info and signatures.